What they said

| got gifted one of the bowls from here and I've loved it ever since | received it (Brian Gartside)

We sent some of Brian’s bowls to our friends in Switzerland and they absolutel y adore them. We sent them a while ago and we still get messages about how great they are.

It’s wonderful to see Brian in the gallery, it makes the whole space so alive with vibrancy

One visitor said they were initially drawn into the gallery by Brian’sworks on display and decided they just had to have one, ‘they're modem with

retro charm!’

remember buying one of Brian’s works quite some time ago, it’s such a pleasant surprise to see he’s still making after all these years and to see them here makes me so happy

These works are ridiculously well-priced, I'll have to get a couple!

This is going to make the most gorgeous wedding present, | think they’re going to love it.

These could go in just about any home, the colour and style is just gorgeous

l always visit the gallery shop to get special gifts for my friends and family. Brian is the one | look out for. Love the work.

Great to see Brian is still making, what a talent! | think | remember him being in that NZ Potter magazine back in the day? It was a pretty fun read back then